Questions about The Great Escape

  • What is a Live Escape Game ?
    • Since 2007 you can not only find computer escape games but also real live escape games. In these a group of players need to escape from a room. In a given time, the players need to find hints and clues hidden in the room to solve a number of riddles. Mostly they are under camera surveillance, supported by a game master who assists them with information - if needed. Starting in Japan this trend has become immensely popular across the world. In Germany there are more than 100 companies offering Escape Games or Escape Rooms. More.
  • What is Steampunk?
The Great Escape - What is Steampunk

Steampunk (from engl. „steam“ and „Punk“) is a cultural phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular. Modern technologies are used in a mix with old materials, the look of the Victorian age is being striven for. Thus a retro-futuristic retro look is being created. To put it exaggeratedly: old junk is being newly combined. Either in a decorative intent or it serves a combined decorative-functional purpose. Objects are being created that amaze and astonish and leaves you wondering which parts it was made of. The origins of steampunk lie in literary genres (such as Jules Vernes f.i.). Elements of Steampunk have been adopted in the arts, on stage in film, television but also in fashion or interior design. More.

  • Now hat has The Great Escape got do with Steampunk?

    • At the Great Escape we have combined our passion for Escape Games with our love for Steampunk. The result: we have created a pretty crazy, truely original set of rooms and games. They will cast their spell on you and draw you directly into the core of our stories. So grab your friends and book a mission!

  • What differentiates The Great Escape from other Live Escape Games?
    • Our focus does not lie on providing riddles that are not interconnected. The Great Escape lets you dive deep into the story. Not only should you escape the room, but you will need to find out about the secrets of the underlying story of your respective room. Our rooms were not furnished with the furniture from grandma's storage room. Everything is steampunked or self-built. Our original settings cannot be copied. Just as much as the unforgettable feelings you will have when entering our rooms! Book your steampunk adventure now!

  ... Game Execution

  • How long does a mission take?
    • Our missions take exactly 60 minutes. Beforehand we start with a warm welcome and short introduction. After the game we have time for a short debrief too. You should expect to spend 1,5 hours at the Great Escape. Afterwards you can head out and enjoy the lovely quarter of Ehrenfeld with its many nightlife (or daylight) options. If you need recommendations, do let us know!

  • When should we be there?
    • It is critical that you are on time. You will be on the safe side, if you plan to be 5 minutes earlier. Please do not come very early as we have limited waiting space.
    • Please do understand, that should you or parts of your group arrive late, we will have to deduct these minutes from your gaming time, to ensure that groups come after you are not affected.
  • Can I try spontaneously to drop by and play?
    • For our missions it is critical that you pre-book. Should you be interested to play spontaneously, do call us to find out when the next possible timeframe is. We will in any case try to help you! 
  • How much does a game cost?   
  • The cost of a game is dependent on the number of players in one room. The more people play, the cheaper it gets. You can find our prices here.

Further Questions

  • Who can play your missions?
    • Every one from the age of 10 years on can play. Kids up until the age of 14 should bring a legal guardian.
    • Do note The Scourge of Humanity is for teams age 10 years+, Circus Mortale is for teams aged 14 years+
  • Do I have to be a computer geek to enjoy your games?
    • Everyone can enjoy our games. You do not have to be a tech nerd nor a computer geek to do so. Simply get captivated by our crazy settings!
  • Should I have an IQ of 200+ to solve your missions?
  • You do not have to be Einstein to solve our riddles. Instead you should focus on playing in your team. Only if you bring all your strengths together you will be able to solve the riddles within 60 minutes.
  • What is the optimal number of players?
    • Our missions are changed minimally to cater to smaller and larger groups. You can play our games in groups of 2-8 for Scourge of Humanity, 3-8 for Circus Mortale.  If you are in a small group, you need to be fast to make it in time. 
    • If you are 8 players in the room do not that temporarily it can be quite cosy. Therefore do consider in advance if this is for you (if you are friends it usually is fine - or maybe not?). You decide!

·         Is the The Great Escape safe?

    • Of course it is safe. With the help of specifically built security mechanisms you always have the option of opening the door both from the inside and the outside. What is more you are always in communication with your game host via camera (no recording or storage of images). If you have any kind of sickness, please check back with us if this could pose a problem playing our games, so we can advise appropriately.
  • Why should I book with you?
    • There are indeed a number of escape games available within Cologne. None is so detail driven, crazy and technology prone as ours. And none treats the discovery and experience of the story as the key to your event as we do.
  • Can we wear costumes?
    •  Costumes are not required for participating in our games. But to be perfectly honest. We live in Cologne and Carnival here really takes place throughout the entire year. Guests in costumes are more than welcome! Be it Laboratory, Indiana Jones, Witches Outfits or even your beloved Steampunk gear. From our perspective: the crazier – the better!
  • In which language can we play?
  •  The Great Escape provides adventures that can be played either in German or English language. If you have would like to play in English please ensure to let us know well in advance at the time of your booking.

... about the booking procedures

  • What is the minimum or maxium number of participants?
  • Mission 1 be played by 2-8 persons.
  • Mission 3 can be played by 3-8 persons.
  • Is it possible to cancel a booking?
  • Please send us a mail, if it is there is enough time until the appointment we will try go give you the opportunity to move your appointment. For less than one week or even if you simply do not show up, you will have to pay the full price.
  • Where can I find your General Terms & Conditions?  
  • Our General T&Cs in English language can be found here.  
  • Upon booking, our General Terms and Conditions are considered accepted by you.