Our escape game takes you to two different spheres!

The Great Escape - Mission 1 - The Scourge of Humanity

Mission Nr. 1 Scourge of humanity ("Die Geissel der Menschheit") takes you to the world of science. A highly contagious virus of unknown extent is spreading and is threatening the life of humanity. 

Your group is infected and has been locked into our isolation unit. In a secret research laboratory scientists - led by Dr. Paul Rathenow - have searched for an antidot for decades. The research results though were never discovered after his death. Your team therefore starts to look for the antidot. You only have 60 minutes though before the incubation period expires and the disease will kill you. Save your self and thus the entire humanity!



For teams 10 years+


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The Great Escape - Mission 2 - Circus Mortale

Our mission Nr. 2 captures the crazyness of steampunk circus air. The bearded woman has been murdered and you are accused of her death. The artists have locked you backstage and have promised to take care of you once the circus performance has ended. You have 60 minutes to find the murder and escape. 


For teams 14 years+


Please do note: this mission is completely CLOWN FREE!