Below you will find information about gift vouchers, team and family events, children's birthdays as well as school trips and weekend getaways.


The Great Escape - Vouchers the perfect gift for a great escape

The perfect gift for a Great Escape! You want to give someone a superspecial event as a gift? Then our gift vouchers for our escape game here in Cologne are right for you! We will provide you an attractive voucher you can print out. 

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TEAM-EVENTS & company celebrations

The Great Escape - Team-Events and Company Celebrations

 If you want a really exciting and crazy team-event or company celebration - you are in the right place at the Great Escape. Detailed observation- and problem solving skills as well as a very good communication within your team is needed, to be able to solve our missions.  Contact us for further details.

(Children) birthday celebrations

The Great Escape - specialised in childrends birthday celebrations

Your (children's) birthday is supposed to be something very special? We welcome birthday kids from the age of 10 years (Scourge of Humanity) or 14 years (Circus Mortale) to celebrate their birthday at The Great Escape. 

weekend offerings

The Great Escape - Perfect for a Weekend Escape to Cologne

Not only do we offer riddle fun in steampunk format. There is also the possibility of booking your accomodation with us. On www.daheim-koeln.de/english we offer a vacation appartment and a vacation house (the latter is very close to our escape room, approx. 100 metres away) that are both decorated with love to scurrile details.

If you are interested, simply contact us.

school excursion

The Great Escape for School Excursions

You want to take a school excursion at The Great Escape? No Problem. Our game promotes team spirit. Complex riddles can be solved and most of all you will have fun! Accompanying teachers (1 per group) are free of charge.

Book now an unforgettable school excursion which excites both teacher and students!



You have a very special idea or would like to propose to your girl or boy friend by making them find a ring within the game? Then contact us. We are ready for any and all mischief!