Bookings are possible from 01.03.2016.

game execution

The Great Escape - Game Execution

Your team event with The Great Espape starts with a warm welcome and a short introduction. Afterwards your mission starts which takes 60 minutes. Please ensure to be on time, as a belated start will be deducted from your game time. 


Monday to Sunday: 10.00-22.00*

*Should you want to play spontaneously or you would like a special time, do not hesitate to call us.



3 players 28 Euro (p.p.*)
4 players 25 Euro (p.p.*)
5 players 23 Euro (p.p.*)
6, 7 or 8 players 22 Euro (p.p.*)
8 players

If you are 8 players it will at least

temporarily be cosy

Families (2 adults, 2 kids <14 years 90 Euros (entire family)
Pupils/ students (from 10 years on)*** 20 Euros (p.p.*) (minimum of 5 persons)
 Age Restrictions

 The Scourge of humanity: teams aged 10 yrs +

Circus Mortale: : teams aged 14 yrs +

* Our prices are dependent on the number of persons in a room. The more people you are, the cheaper it is. The prices are per person and include all taxes. 

***Children, pupils and students should provide an authentication to be able to profit from our rabates. These rabates cannot be combined with other reductions or events.