The Great Esacpe - Europe's 1. Steampunk Escape Room

Adventurous, fun & a little bit crazy!

In our Escape Game you will have to find hints, solve riddles, open locks - and most importantly have fun! 60 minutes are at your team's disposal, to riddle your way out of our room. 

Scourge of humanity

Your group (of 2-8 persons) enters our isolation unit. The door closes behind you. Adrenalin rushes through your veins, your hearts are beating loudly. You are all infected with a highly contagious virus. 

The Great Escape - The Scourge of Humanity

You have 60 minutes until the virus will kill you. The countdown starts. Your team has one chance though:

With a cool head, a calm hand and armed with all your senses, your team can find the key to saving the entire humanity. The room you enter though is more than bizarre. Will you make it? 

Book now "The scourge of humanity" ("Die Geissel der Menschheit"!

You have only 60 min to find the antidot and save humanity!

escape room 2.0

We offer an exciting mix of old school riddles à la Sherlock Holmes and provide the right mix of analogue and digitale technology to delight you. Simply an Escape Room 2.0. 

steampunk format

 What do you do with 7.500 screws and bolts, 15 packets of hot glue, 42 cans of colour, old motors, fans, pipes, a ship's pump, christmas tree stand, field telephone, geiger counter, and a roaring stag? Find out in our crazy steampunk paradise! OUR escape rooms cannot be franchised! More about steampunk.

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